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Camp Open Road

We are busy planning trips and setting our camp dates for Summer 2020. Check back in early December for updates.

Let's Hit the 

Open Road


Camp Open Road is one of our specialty camps that runs in the same location as our Day Camp, Sports Camp and LIT Camp. This allows parents to drop off siblings at one location and provide them with unique camp experiences based on their interests and ages.

This year we are extending our camper age for Camp Open Road. Campers entering Grades 5 - 9 will love hitting the open road for tons of exciting adventures!

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We have hired Coughlin Transportation company as our bus service for our daily trips. Their bus is driven by an experienced, trained and certified bus driver. The bus is fully air-conditioned and our staff is on the bus with campers at all times.

Some trips will require an alternate start and end time. These times will be sent out in advance for families to prepare their schedules. These early start and late pick-up days will impact campers who normally ride the bus to camp. Parents will need to pick up at camp on these longer trip days.


Campers will come to camp each morning and learn about the planned outing for the day. Staff will walk through plans and expectations for each experience. 

Our staff have visited the sites prior to the start of camp and have all been trained on how to follow the same high level of safety protocols that are followed at camp.

Please note that many of our outings will be outdoors. In the event of poor weather, we will make accommodations as needed to ensure that campers still get to hit the open road and have awesome adventures.

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