The next generation of Camp Staff

Leaders in Training

Future Leaders

This exciting new program is specifically designed for rising 8th and 9th graders to provide leadership training that is targeted for future camp counselors.

This program serves as a bridge between camper and counselor. Leaders in Training (LIT) will work alongside counselors and campers to learn important skills needed to be successful as future camp staff members.

Individuals who participate in this program will benefit from direct one on one mentor feedback to help grow specific leadership skills, such as building relationships with campers, time management, problem-solving, crisis management, behavior modifications and interventions, group ice breakers, time management, and the importance of a growth mindset in the work environment.  LITs will learn to receive feedback and reflect on how to make improvements.

Program Details

Rising 8th and 9th Graders

Two Week Programs:

June 28 - July 9

July 12 - 23

July 26 - August 6

Open to all rising 8th and 9th graders. 

LITs can sign up for multiple sessions and will be given more options and leadership roles with each session they complete.

Cost: $400 for 2 weeks

Limited spaces are available per session to allow for a smaller cohorts.

  • LITs will spend half the day assisting and shadowing staff, while the other parts of the day will be targeted training with our Camp Director.

  • LITs will be instructed on specific leadership skills and then spend time practicing those skills in activities with campers.

  • Mentors and staff will give feedback specific to skills being practiced.

  • LITs will return to their cohort group to reflect on their practice and discuss how the will make modifications the next day.

  • During the 10 days, leadership training will occur less frequently.  As LITs learn and practice skills, they will gradually be released to spend more time assisting staff and campers.  The goal is to move the LITs from guided practice to independence by the end of the 10 days.