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Jenn Whitman

Jenn is an accomplished educator with over 20 years of experience in the field of teaching and leading. 

Jenn's camp philosophy is grounded in her unwavering passion for creativity and innovative thinking. She believes that every child's camp experience should be as unique as they are. With an innate ability to think outside the box, she injects a sense of wonder and excitement into our camp programming, leaving no stone unturned in her quest to provide each camper with the best and most memorable camp experience possible. What truly sets Jenn apart is her unique ability to blend her educational experience seamlessly into the world of camp organization and planning.

Outside of camp, Jenn loves reading in her hammock on the porch, playing Pickle Ball with her husband Doug, going to the barn for horseback riding lessons, and finding the perfect show to binge-watch. Her favorite sentence starter is: "Hey Doug! I was thinking... "

Jenn is not just a mom to 3 boys, an educator and a camp director; she is also an advocate for learning, a champion of creativity, and a dreamer for all things that summer camp could and should be for every camper.
Jenn and Doug Whitman - Whitman Summer Camp

Founder -
Chief Visionary Officer

Doug Whitman

Doug is a dedicated PE Teacher at Rachel Carson Elementary School in Kentlands with an extraordinary teaching journey spanning nearly three decades. 

With an extensive teaching and coaching career that has thrived for 29 years, Doug's impact extends well beyond the classroom. He is a true coach at heart, having lent his expertise and mentorship to students of all ages, from kindergarten to high school. His coaching repertoire encompasses a wide array of sports, including tennis, basketball, baseball, lacrosse, and soccer. 

At camp, Doug is our compliance guy, our fix-it guy, our help keep campers and staff safe guy, our connection to our vendors guy, our trip planner guy, and our health inspection guy. He does all the boring stuff to help support the rest of the team stay in their fun and creative zones.

In his free time, Doug enjoys exploring new places for long hikes, playing golf and Pickle Ball, and being hopeful that one day the New York Jets will have a winning season.

Doug is known for being a super nice guy. His affable nature, warm smile, and genuine passion for helping kids achieve their best selves make him a beloved figure in the lives of countless students and campers.
Doug Whitman - Whitman Summer Camp

Founder -
Executive Director

Emily Samara - Holtzer

Emily is an enthusiastic and dedicated leader who brings a wealth of experience to our summer camp. With a passion for all things summer camp related and a commitment to providing a safe, inclusive, and memorable camp experience for all, she has been an integral part of our camp community for 7 years.

Emily began her journey in camp leadership at a young age, starting as a camper, then counselor and working her way up through various roles, including leading both campers and staff as an Activity Specialist. Some of her favorite memories are those she made as a camper, and it is her goal to make sure campers have the opportunity to make amazing memories too.

During the school year Emily is a Speech Language Pathologist in MCPS. .She is passionate in her work, creating a safe and welcoming environment and providing all students equal opportunity to succeed in communication. 

Emily loves to read suspenseful novels she swaps back and forth with Jenn Whitman, drinking McDonald's diet coke, and clapping campers into camp every day! Emily is so excited for Summer 2024 at Whitman Summer Camp.

Emily's energy, creativity, and dedication shine through in every aspect of our camp's programs and activities. Her love for camp is contagious and so is her bright smile!
Emily Samara - Whitman Summer Camp

Director of
Camp Operations

Nick Holtzer

Nick's journey with Whitman Summer Camp has been nothing short of fast-paced. He joined our camp family back in the summer of 2019 as an Activity Specialist, bringing his boundless enthusiasm, positivity, and passion for creating unforgettable camp experiences. Over the 6 years at Whitman Summer Camp, Nick's dedication and creativity have shone through, leading to his appointment as our Director of Camp Activities.

Beyond his summer camp persona, during the school year, Nick is a 2nd grade teacher. As if that wasn't enough, he also shares his love for sports and the great outdoors as an Umpire for local youth baseball leagues, ensuring fair play and sportsmanship.

Nick's interests are as diverse as his talents. He's an avid sports enthusiast, always ready to catch the latest game or chat about a memorable play. When it comes to food, Nick has an unwavering devotion to chicken wings. Nick loves working at camp with his wife Emily. Together, they form a great team, collaborating on camp projects, whole camp events, and even get messy on Messy Day.

Nick is eagerly anticipating the competition of Color War challenges, epic whole camp games, unforgettable performances, and, of course, the chaotic mess of our Messy Day activities. With his leadership and unwavering commitment to making camp unforgettable, it's bound to be a summer full of laughter, silliness, growth, and cherished memories for all our campers. 
Nick Holtzer - Whitman Summer Camp

Director of

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