Campers choose their own adventure 

Day Camp



We have created a camp where campers are free to make choices throughout the day to create their own unique summer camp experience, while managing their own unique talents and interests.

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Here's What Makes

our day Camp

So Unique



Why PICK 3? We call our classes "PICK CLASSES"  because campers get to PICK their own classes. Campers are empowered to choose what they want to do based on their own interests and talents. Campers choose their own adventure!

Based on camper feedback during Summer 2021, we are creating a fun new approach to our Pick Classes. Campers wanted a combination of the programs we offered in 2019, 2020 and 2021. Campers felt that by bundling classes together in like categories, it would give them even more choice and variety throughout the week.

Campers will now sign up for Pick Class Bundles that include all of our favorite camp classes smooched together.

Your camper will pick the order of their Pick Class Bundles during the registration process. You can share the order of your Pick Class Bundles with your friends and have the same daily schedule.


Each day campers rotate through the 3 Pick Class Bundles of their choice. There are 2 pick classes in the morning and 1pick class in the afternoon.


Classes are chosen during the registration process and campers join those classes for the full week. However, we do offer flexibility and help campers switch classes if their interests change and there is space in their new class choice. 

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Color War is one of our favorite Camp traditions at Whitman Summer Camp!

Each week, campers are randomly placed on Color War Teams. This is the only time campers don't get to make a choice at camp:) We balance each Color War team with a mix of all grade levels. Younger campers love hanging out with our older campers and our older campers love helping out and guiding our younger campers. This is a great opportunity to meet new friends at camp while participating in a friendly competition. 

Weekly Color War challenges are both camper and counselor challenges that help teams gain points throughout the week. The week ends in a full camp experience as Color War Teams perform their challenge in our Friday Color War finale. Challenges could be Lip Syncing, skits, commercials, whole camp adventure tag games, or any other whacky ideas our staff creates!

FREE Choice and Water Play

Our last block of the day is reserved for Free Choice and Water Play. During this 45 minute block, campers have the freedom to choose from a variety of activity options that are either planned by staff or are created by the campers' interest.

This block of time is all about campers making their own choice for how to manage their time and interests in a safe and supervised space. While campers are learning to self-manage their time and their interests, they are also discovering that it is also an ideal part of the day to continue building relationships with other campers and staff, or for trying something new. Campers can choose to try to fit it all in or just pick 1 or 2 of their favorite activities. In the end, the experience during Free Choice and Water Play is their very own creation.


Every Wednesday campers experience the magic of Messy Day. Paint, shaving cream (a LOT of shaving cream), water and some perfectly clean counselors and campers mix together in this epic whole camp experience.

Campers can choose to plunge themselves in messy center options, participate in non-messy activities or just watch all the mess unfold.