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Campers choose their own adventure 

Day Camp



We have created a camp where campers are free to make choices throughout the day to create their own unique summer camp experience, while managing their own unique talents and interests.


Here's What Makes
our day Camp
So Unique



Why PICK 3? We call our classes "PICK CLASSES"  because campers get to PICK their own classes. Campers are empowered to choose what they want to do based on their own interests and talents. Campers choose their own adventure!

Your camper will pick the order of their Pick Class during the registration process. You can share the order of your Pick Class with your friends and have the same daily schedule.


Each day campers rotate through the 3 Pick Class of their choice. There are 2 pick classes in the morning and 1pick class in the afternoon.


Classes are chosen during the registration process and campers join those classes for the full week. However, we do offer flexibility and help campers switch classes if their interests change and there is space in their new class choice.  DOWNLOAD Class Description - PDF