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Stuff To Know

The ABCs of Camp

Our camps are not nut-free camps, however, we do our best to accommodate our campers with allergies. All campers are encouraged not to bring foods to camp that contain nuts. During lunch and snack periods, a nut free table is designated and any campers who have food items that are nut free are invited to sit at this table.

Each camper needs a backpack to hold the items they will need each day:

  • extra masks in a Ziploc bag labeled with their name

  • Lunch (Lunches are not refrigerated during the day. Plan accordingly.)

  • water bottle

  • extra set of clothes

  • towel

  • bathing suit (Wednesdays and Fridays ONLY)

  • bug spray*

  • sunscreen*

  • Creeking shoes (old shoes that can get wet) for hikes down to the stream. These can be kept at camp all week.

*For more information regarding sunscreen and bug spray, please see the "Bug spray" and "Sunscreen" sections.

Summertime brings lots of annoying bugs.  In order to ensure the comfort and safety of your camp please use bug repellent wipes or spray.  Please pack extra bug wipes or spray in a bag marked with camper’s name and a signed note directing, “The Whitman Camp staff may ap­ply bug repellent as needed”.  This can be kept in the camper's backpack.

CAMP SCHEDULE 9:00 - 3:30

Drop Off: 8:45

Camp activities officially start 9:00. Doors close at 9:10 and late campers will need to be brought in to the Camp Office. Parents will need to ring our Camp Doorbell on the white wooden sign in the lobby.  DO NOT ring the school or office door bell.

Pick Up: 3:15 - 3:40

We start our dismissal at 3:15 and end carpool at 3:40. Campers left at carpool after 3:40 will be brought to After Care and parents will be charged for late pick up.

Need to pick up your camper before the end of the camp day? Call or text the Camp Office 301-820-8008. We will have your camper in the office and ready to go. Pull up to the front of the school building and we will walk your camper out to the curb to your car. Due to COVID restrictions, Parents and Guests will not be allowed in the building unless special permission has been given by the Camp Directors or Camp Camp Owners.


This year parents have the option of adding on an option for Snack Bar and Pizza Fridays during the registration process. $20 a week will cover a snack and a drink during Snack Time and Lunch Time. It will also include pizza on Friday.
Each day at Snack Time and Lunch Time, the Camp Snack Bar will be open for campers to get a snack and drink.  A variety of snacks will be available, along with waters and Gatorade.  Portions sizes are small and attempts are made to stock the Camp Snack Bar with healthy snack choices.  Camp Snack Bar is optional and parents can opt instead to pack a snack from home to be eaten during Snack and Lunch.  All snacks available for purchase are nut-free and approved by our Camp Nurse.


Color War is a Camper and Counselor favorite!


Every week, each Crew will be divided in half and campers will be placed on either the Orange or Purple Color War Team. Throughout the week, campers compete in a variety of challenges and competitions, while working to earn points for their teams. On Fridays, Color War culminates in a whole camp challenge.  Friday afternoons, the much anticipated announcement is made for the weekly winner of Color War. 


In the event that a Camper or Staff Member tests positive, becomes exposed to a positive case through a close contact, or becomes sick, we will follow the following Guidelines from the Maryland Department of Health.


In order to comply with County and State health guidelines, parents are required to complete a Daily Covid Health form, attesting to the health and well-being of their Camper.

This is will be a short form consisting of 3 questions. We will check at 9:15 each morning that this form has been completed. If the form has NOT been completed, the camper will be sent to the Health Room and will need to wait there until a Parent completes the form. 



Please plan to pull up curbside at the SCHOOL carpool circle for drop-off and pick-up.  During drop-off and pick-up, counselors will be on duty to check your camper in and out of camp. The carpool line may seem long, BUT we promise that if all parents follow the rules:) it will move quickly. 

COVID UPDATE: We are asking for parents to pick up in the carpool line only. No Parent Walk-Ups. Please plan your timing accordingly. If you need to pick up your camper early, please plan to be there ahead of the carpool line and contact the Camp Office in advance.



Before Care: Drop off begins at 8:00 at the front of the school. One of our Before Care Staff will meet you outside and will walk your camper into camp.


After Care: Pick-up ends at 6:00. Please come to the front of the school and ring our Camp Door Bell located on the white wooden sign in the lobby. DO NOT ring any of the doorbells on the lobby wall. Campers picked up later than 6:00 will be charged.


Our Before and After Care programs provide a safe and structured environment that still provides campers with the choices they have during the camp day. Campers will have active and relaxing activity options depending on their interests.

Camp is always fun, but it can be even better if enjoyed with a friend, or group of friends! There is a friend request section in the online registration. We will do our best to accommodate friend requests.

We also believe that part of a great summer camp experience is meeting new friends and forming new friendships. Our camp provides a variety of camp activities and a variety of camper groupings throughout the camp day in order to encourage new friendships.  This helps bond our campers as a whole camp family!



We will have plenty of hand sanitizer throughout the camp spaces. Campers do not have to bring their own.


We have created a daily schedule that allows for longer transition times between activities. This will allow Campers and Staff time to practice effective Hand Health, such as Hand Washing and visiting Hand Sanitizer stations.


Campers should bring their own lunches.  Lunches will be kept at room temperature; refrigeration is not available. Campers are encouraged to pack an extra snack and drink if they choose to not visit the Camp Snack Bar. Pizza will be served on Fridays for campers who have opted for the Snack Bar option.


ALL Campers must have a mask on them throughout the day. Campers are required to wear their masks indoors at all times. Outside, campers may remove their masks if social distancing can be maintained. Staff will provide a labeled Ziploc bag for campers to place their masks while outside. This will keep the masks clean and organized for easy access when returning indoors.

Parents are encouraged to send their campers with 3 extra masks in the Camper's backpack just in case their mask is lost or gets yucky during the day.

Campers will not be allowed to carry medication nor administer medication independently.  All campers needing an epi-pen will need to fill out a special Medication Authorization Form that will need to be reviewed by our Camp Nurse. Please do NOT drop off emergency meds without this form.



Every Wednesday, Campers will participate in a variety of Messy Day activities.  These messy activities are optional. If a camper does not want to get messy, there are plenty of activities planned throughout the day to give them other options. If your camper does plan to get messy, well then, they will certainly get messy:) Plan to pack or wear clothes that are ok to get messy and possibly stained. Campers who get messy will definitely need to pack a change of clothes and a towel.


Please place your Camper Health form in a marked envelope. The camper will hand these forms to their Crew Counselors. Please stay in your cars during drop-off. There will not be a registration line for parents and campers, as we have done in the past.



Whitman Summer Camp has a full-time camp nurse on-site at all times during camp hours. Our registered nurse will tend to any camper medical issues that arise during camp, including tending to minor injuries and illnesses and administering medications to campers who have submitted the proper forms. Email our nurse: Amanda Williams at with any questions or concerns.

Campers who purchased the Snack Bar option, will have a pizza lunch on Friday. They will pick a snack and drink to go with their pizza slices. Pizza is included in the weekly $20 Snack Bar option.

To help our camp staff protect your camper from sunburn while at camp, please do the following essential steps:

  • Always apply sunscreen on your camper at home each morning

  • Use a lotion that has at least 30-50% UVA/UVB protection.

  • Day Campers ONLY - If needed, we will re-apply a sunscreen to campers prior to Water Activities in the afternoon. Please bring sunscreen to camp in a ziploc bag, clearly labeled with you camper's name.


Tuesdays at camp are all about showing off your Camp Spirit. Each Tuesday will have a different theme for campers to dress up. Campers who come to camp dressed for that week's theme, will gain a point for their Color War Team.


Wednesday is Messy Day!! This year, due to COVID restrictions, we will be extending Messy Day to a half day. This will give us enough time to rotate Crews through Messy Day activities. These messy activities are optional. If a camper does not want to get messy, there are plenty of activities planned throughout the day to give them other options. If your camper does plan to get messy, well then, they will certainly get messy:) Plan to pack or wear clothes that are ok to get messy and possibly stained. Campers who get messy will definitely need to pack a change of clothes and a towel.


Every Thursday, Campers will wear their Whitman Summer Camp T-Shirt to camp for our whole camp photo. Campers are of course welcome to wear their favorite Whitman Summer Camp T-Shirts for the rest of the week as well.


Every Friday, Campers will wear their Color War Team Colors to camp (either Orange or Purple this year). Campers will be given a point for their Color War Team for showing off their Team Spirit.