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Fully Staffed for Summer 2024

At Whitman Summer Camp, our staff helps to maintain an atmosphere of fun within an environment that encourages safety and positive character development. We take pride in hiring the best staff who create the best summer camp experience for our campers.

All staff members are committed to our campers and will listen to a story, hear a joke or respond to a concern. They also comfort campers when needed, offer words of encouragement, and maintain order.  Most importantly, our staff members always serve as positive role models.

It goes without saying that Whitman Summer Camp staff members are carefully selected to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone. Only qualified teachers, college students and high schoolers who have a genuine love for, understanding of, and interest in young people, are chosen to be a part of our team.

Once our staff has been selected, they attend our mandatory Staff Training to learn more about our camp goals, priorities and expectations. Staff receive feedback throughout the camp experience in order to grow their own individual abilities.

Camp staff

Thank you for your interest in applying for

a summer job at

Whitman Summer Camp.  


Applicants who can commit for the full summer will have first consideration for positions and will receive an end-of-summer bonus.

All staff are required to attend our mandatory staff training.  Applicants who are unable to attend these mandatory days of training, will not be considered for employment.

New staff will have 2 online staff training sessions between May and  June.

Staff Structure

Activity Specialist: Activity instructors and coaches, must be a teacher with one year of experience or college graduate with activity experience

Group Leader:18+ years of age, must be HS graduate and able to lead a Color War Team and Crew.

Junior Counselor:16 -17 years of age, must be entering junior or senior year of HS. Candidates who successfully completed the 2023 LIT program can apply going into their sophomore year.

Counselor in Training:15 years of age, must be entering sophomore year of HS (non-paid). Priority is given to former Whitman Summer Camp Campers and candidates who completed our 2023 LIT Program. Candidates who successfully completed the 2023 LIT program can apply going into their freshman year.

Staff Benefits

  • Competitive Weekly Salary

  • Consistent Weekly Schedule

  • Extensive Onboarding and Training

  • Staff Camp Swag

  • Staff Breakfast once a week

  • Staff Lunch once a week

  • Team assignments - work side by side

  • Low Camper - Staff ratio

  • Play while you work

  • #projectrealjob - learn important soft skills highly sought after by future employers

  • Daily Staff treats in the Camp Office

  • Strong staff and camper relationships

  • Positive and supportive work environment

  • Awkward tan lines

  • Lifelong memories

American Camp Association - Project Real Job

American Camp Assoiciation - Camp is a Real Job

Working at camp is a
real job

Build your resume and have a blast!


The first step in applying to work at camp this summer is to complete our online application.  This is our chance to get to know you and make our initial decision if you are the right match for our team. Take your time and complete the application thoughtfully and with detail.  Make sure your application stands out!

​We are looking for high energy, out-going, new staff who can lead a large crowd of campers in a variety of activities.  Be ready to lead a camp song, act out a skit on stage or demonstrate how to play a game in front of campers. You have to be sure this is the right job for you before applying. 

Staff Salaries are set on a pay scale based on Staff Grade Level/Age and work experience. Feel free to reach out prior to applying to find out what your weekly salary is for Summer 2024.


Once we receive a completed online application, we will review your application. Our Leadership Team will notify you within one week if you will be invited to interview with us.  If you are offered an interview, we will send you a pre-interview email to help you get to know us better with more details about what it is like to work at Whitman Summer Camp. Interviews take place through Zoom.

If we do not have the right position open for you this summer, or if you are not the right match for us for this summer, we will email you within a week of receiving your application to let you know that you will not be moving on to the interview step in our hiring process. 

Depending on the competition among our applicants for this summer, some applicants may be asked to interview a second time to determine an offer of employment.


We interview on a rolling basis as applications come in. This allows us to begin to form our team and also allows applicants to commit to a summer job without having to wait long periods of time. 


Once your interview has been completed, we will let you know of our decision within a week. We may offer you a position, place you on a waiting list, ask you to apply again next year, or inform you that you will not be offered a position on our team.

If a position has been offered, you will receive an email with a TON of information and your employment contract. From there you have two weeks to review and accept your contract.

At any point in time, if you are wanting to update on your application status, you may email us at

How to join our amazing camp staff

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