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#because of camp

Hi Parents,

Thank you for considering our camp for your camper this summer.   As Camp Professionals, we truly believe in the power of camp for all youth all over our country.   The hashtag: #becauseofcamp is used all over social media to express the profound impact camp has on Camp Staff, Counselors, and Campers. These unique individuals give a collective testimony to show how camp has helped them to grow into a better and enhanced version of themselves.

"Because of camp I became more confident." "Because of camp I am more comfortable starting conversations." "Because of camp I am able to say hello first." "Because of camp I am able to speak in front of large groups of people." "Because of camp I embrace my creativity." "Because of camp I am able to take more healthy risks."

These testimonies that show the power of camp is endless.  Camp is the one place where campers (and counselors) can be their true authentic selves without the pressures of the outside world messing things up.  Kids at camp can make choices, manage their interests, try something new, make a new friend, deepen existing friendships, be silly, be goofy, be wild,...they can become who they want to be.

Over the past 15 years of running camp, we have found that the campers who come back year after year to our camp, have a sense of independence and ownership of their camp experience.  Our returning campers know that Whitman Summer Camp is a safe and friendly space to explore, create, expand their comfort zone, and just be free to have fun.  Likewise, we find each summer that campers who enroll for multiple weeks, or the full six weeks of summer, grow from week to week.  They settle into their space here at camp.  There is a sense of consistency that envelopes them and encourages them to do more, try more, and be present in the moments that make camp so special.  They experience camp on another level because they form deeper relationships with staff and campers.  They become leaders among their peers and move through camp with a swagger that seems to say, "I've got this. This is my camp and I am going to put my all into making it the best summer ever!"

So as you begin your camp registrations for this summer, please consider the value of consistency in your summer camp planning.  We have a lot to offer each and every unique camper.  With 4 camps in 1 location, there is almost not enough summer to get through all of the exciting programs we have to offer:)

We can't wait to see you this summer! #becauseofcamp you will walk away a Happy Camper.

See you this summer,
Jenn and Doug Whitman

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