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about us

Welcome to Whitman Summer Camp!  We are opening our 15th Summer of camp and are so excited to continue even more fun and exciting programs for Summer 2024.  We truly have the BEST JOBS EVER!  We cannot tell you how much we enjoy running our family business and hanging out all summer with our campers and our staff. One of the best parts of our summer camp experience over the last 15 years, has been seeing our returning campers every summer as they grow up. These campers are now starting to become LITs, CITs, and Staff. We are truly one big Camp Family! 

As educators, we know what kids love and what makes kids tick.  We program our camp by thinking "out of the box" and putting creative twists on traditional camp experiences. We believe that summer camp is all about the individual camper and what they want to experience. The school year presents our campers with very limited choices on what they want to do, it's all about what they have to do. So we make our entire camp program about choices. Campers create their own experience based on their individual and unique choices.


As parents, we know how important it is for kids to feel safe and secure.  We hire only the best staff to ensure that while kids are having a blast, they are in a safe environment.  We treat your kids like our own...well maybe with a little more patience then with our own kids:)

Our Team

Our mission is clear: we're here to help campers be their true, authentic, and fantastically silly selves. But guess what? Our staff is equally dedicated to this mission, and we're thrilled to introduce them!

Meet the fun-loving, adventure-seeking, and slightly zany individuals who bring our camp to life. We're not your everyday camp staff; we're the dynamic dream team that ensures every moment at Whitman Summer Camp is filled with laughter, learning, and unforgettable experiences.

We're the ones who orchestrate intentional programming designed to let campers explore their interests, make new friends, and let loose with the kind of wild, goofy, and unforgettable fun that only Whitman Summer Camp can provide.

Our staff is here to make this summer one for the books. So get ready to embark on an epic adventure filled with laughter, silliness, and lifelong memories!

Whitman Summer Camp: Where our staff is just as goofy and authentic as our campers!

Designers of Fun

Jenn Whitman - Whitman Summer Camp

Jenn Whitman

Chief Visionary Officer

Doug Whitman - Whitman Summer Camp

doug Whitman

Executive Director

Emily Samara - Whitman Summer Camp


Director of 
Camp Operations

whitman staff 2023-47_edited.jpg


Director of 

Amanda Williams - Whitman Summer Camp



Jake Whitman - Whitman Summer Camp

jake Whitman

Director of

Matt Henry - Whitman Summer Camp

matt henry

Activity Specialist
Sports Camp

Matt Grassi - Whitman Summer Camp

matt grassi

Activity Specialist
Camp Open Road

Max Whitman - Whitman Summer Camp


Director of

Luke Whitman - Whitman Summer Camp



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