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Sports Camp

Sports Camp - Basketball Whitman Summer Camp

OUR Sports Camp

Grades 2 - 8

15 summers ago we opened our very first camp at the Katie Fitzgerald Center at the Mary of Nazareth School. Our Sports Camp was started with the idea that every kid wishes they had more time in their PE classes. So we created a camp that offers the feel of a PE Class. Staff introduce key athletic fundamentals that are used in a variety of sports. Campers practice and improve their athletic skills while playing super fun and engaging cooperative and competitive games.

Our camp is located in a beautiful state of the art gymnasium, that offers plenty of natural light and air conditioning. Our Sports Campers also have access to outdoor field space, blacktop areas and basketball courts. Campers get a healthy mix of indoor and outdoor activities throughout the day. Our staff has the flexibility of using the space to our advantage on those super hot and sometimes rainy days.

Sports Camp - Whitman Summer Camp


We believe it is important that campers are introduced to a variety of sports. Our camp gives campers the opportunity to try a sport that they haven't yet tried, while at the same time practicing key skills to improve their current sport choice.

Campers will be instructed in the proper technique of a variety of athletic skills: striking, dribbling, shooting, throwing and catching.

While competitive, our Sports Camp includes campers with a wide range of athletic skills and experience. Each camper has a goal to end the week at camp with a marked improvement from their base set of skills.

Sports Camp - Whitman Summer Camp Floor Hockey


Our Sports Camp is all about recreating the fun of your favorite PE Class. Learn something new, practice that skill and have a ton of fun!

Campers practice their athletic skills during drills, fitness centers, competitive games and of course those favorite games from PE. Spy Ball, Jedi, Knock Out, Medicine Person and Indian Jones are just a few of the awesome cooperative games campers will participate in throughout the week.

Kickball, Wiffle Ball, Floor Hockey, 4 Goal Soccer, and Backboard are activities that help campers practice traditional sport skills found in Soccer, Baseball, Hockey and Basketball.

Sports Camp - Whitman Summer Camp


There are so many important skills that athletes use in order to excel in their sports besides their athletic ability. At our Sports Camp, we focus on persistence, perseverance, team work, sportsmanship, goal setting and a positive attitude.

A competitive approach to sports is important for an athlete, along with a growth mindset, and team attitude in order to achieve their personal and team goals.

Our staff emphasizes the importance of modeling strong character in sports. We celebrate campers who demonstrate hard work, positive attitudes, growth mindset and sportsmanship at the end of each day with our Camper of the Day speeches.

Sports Camp - Whitman Summer Camp
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