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WHAT parents are SAYing

This is our first summer with Whitman and what a way to get introduced to your wonderful camp. I have been mostly hands off with my son’s experience so far with session 2 because I am also working full time.


Let me just give you a heartfelt THANK YOU for pivoting during this challenging time to provide an enjoyable experience for my son! I cannot even begin to imagine the difficulty of transitioning a traditional day camp into a virtual format but you pulled it off. I appreciate that the activities require minimal involvement from me. It has been very difficult managing two kids at home while working full time. My son is fully engaged by the camp.


He LOVES it. He thanked me for signing him up. So now, in turn, I must thank you. I hope you all enjoy a much-deserved summer off this year. I look forward to having both my sons join your camp in 2021!

- Camp Parent