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Registration Update

Week 1: June 21 - June 25     SOLD OUT

Week 2: June 28 - July 2        SOLD OUT

Week 3: July 5 - July 9           SOLD OUT

Week 4: July 12 - July 16       SOLD OUT

Week 5: July 19 - July 23       SOLD OUT

Week 6: July 26 - July 30       SOLD OUT

Week 7: August 2 - August 6  SOLD OUT

We are SOLD OUT for Summer 2021.

If we missed you this summer, we hope to see you Summer 2022!



Our Vision:
Helping campers to be their true authentic selves.

Our Mission:
Whitman Summer Camp strives to be the one place where campers (and counselors) can be their true authentic selves, without the pressures of the outside world messing things up.  Kids at camp can make choices, manage their interests, try something new, make a new friend, deepen existing friendships, be silly, be goofy, be wild,...they can become who they want to be.

How we do this:
We focus on intentional programming that gives campers choices throughout the day.  The reason behind each decision that we make is to maximize the impact of the individual camper experience.

We work hard to help our campers grow as individuals while they’re with us. We create a safe place for them to try new things, fail, learn, and build their skills to make life outside of camp even better. 



Our goal is just to get us all back together this summer in a safe and healthy way. We want to get back together with our Camp Family. We need summer camp now, more than ever!!


Our goal is to create the BEST. Summer. Ever. and to make up for all the fun we missed last summer. Camp is all about making friends and lasting memories. We are so ready to be back at camp and creating unforgettable experiences for our campers.

BACK TO Basics

Our goal is to keep things simple this summer. We know we will all have a lot of adjustments to make being together again for the first time in over a year. So we decided to create a camp program this summer that focuses on building back basic social, emotional, and physical well-being. We will still include all the basics that you know and love about Whitman Summer Camp, but we will be creating an environment that allows for the space needed to reacclimate to the "real world" again.

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