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The Whitmans - Summer 2023


Our Vision:
Helping campers to be their true authentic selves.

Our Mission:
Whitman Summer Camp strives to be the one place where campers (and counselors) can be their true authentic selves, without the pressures of the outside world messing things up.  Kids at camp can make choices, manage their interests, try something new, make a new friend, deepen existing friendships, be silly, be goofy, be wild,...they can become who they want to be.

How we do this:
We focus on intentional programming that gives campers choices throughout the day.  The reason behind each decision that we make is to maximize the impact of the individual camper experience.

We work hard to help our campers grow as individuals while they’re with us. We create a safe place for them to try new things, fail, learn, and build their skills to make life outside of camp even better. 

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