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Same  but Different

First and foremost, we hope that you and your family are healthy and safe. The Coronavirus has impacted all of our lives in so many ways, and still we are left with many unanswered questions. In the face of this uncertainty, and with camp still over 6 months away, we continue to work towards what we believe can be an incredibly special summer for campers.

Here are some things we do know for certain:
1) We will not take campers or staff this summer if we are not in a situation to both adequately care for them and provide them a fantastic experience.

2) We will continue to live by our values, and always strive to do the right thing for the right reasons.

3) We can offer a safe and healthy camp program if we keep our programming simple. 

With that, we want to thank you for the overwhelming support you have shown our camp business and ask for your continued patience. We owe it to our campers to take the time needed to gather good information to guide sound decisions. We will be in touch with updates whenever appropriate.


Same  but Different

We are planning for Summer 2021with the CDC and the American Camp Association protocols that are currently in place for handling Covid-19 at camp. We are communicating with all state and county agencies regarding the most up-to-date protocols. We are working through all possible hypothetical scenarios to ready necessary modifications to our programs and procedures. And we have a fantastic staff in place to take great care of our campers and create an unforgettable summer.

Although many pieces of the puzzle remain outside of our control, there are 3 things we can do ourselves and encourage those in our community to do are well in order to save summer camp:

1. Wear a Mask

2. Social Distancing

3. Wash your hands

As we near the start of the first day of camp, you will find all COVID 19 health and safety protocols on this page. We will list all requirements for staff and Camp Families to follow to ensure a safe summer.

While we are planning Summer 2021 with the current most restrictive guidelines in mind, we are hoping that these guidelines will loosen as vaccines are given to more people in our community. As we get closer to summer, we hope that we will have all done our part to #savesummercamp and that we will be free to worry only about scraped knees and bee stings being our biggest health worry at camp.

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Same  but Different

Here is what will be different for Summer 2021, in order to create a safe summer camp experience:

1. We will only be running our Day Camp this summer. To run our other camp programs in Summer 2021 with current health guidelines, there will be too many restrictions and that will impact the quality of our programming. 

We plan to offer LEGO Camp, Camp Open Road, and Sports Camp again in Summer 2022.

2. Transportation will not be offered to and from Camp this summer. We have found bussing to be a large expense for our camp business, and with limited seating capacity on busses, we would not be able to offer transportation at a reasonable price for our Camp Families.

We will add transportation back in Summer 2022 with expanded routes.

3. Limited enrollment: In order to plan for smaller groups and a higher staff to camper ratio, we will be limiting our enrollment to only 200 campers per week. We will create a Wait List for those who would like to save a space if other campers cancel.

4. Lower deposit cost. We have reduced our weekly reservation deposit to $50 per week rather than $125 per week. This will help all families financially commit to camp without creating hardships.

5. We have decided not to raise the cost of camp this summer. We want all kids to experience the joy of camp this summer. We know we all need camp now more than ever. Therefore, we will keep the cost the same as last year.

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